About Us

For 35 years, U.S. Jaclean has been a pioneer in bringing healing techniques into your home through original, expertly-designed products.

35 years ago, founder Michael Kogure arrived from Japan with a singular mission: to improve the health and wellness of Americans through quality products that can be used from the comfort of home. Over the years, U.S. Jaclean has developed popular brands, opened stores throughout the nation, and introduced countless Americans to healing products. While competitors have come and gone, we have grown and stayed on the cutting edge of health and wellness technologies. Headquartered in California with facilities nationwide, we run our own warehouses right here in the United States.
We manufacture a large number of consumer products related to Home and Health, which are popular in retail outlets across the country. Foot massagers, aromatherapy machines, and cardio exercise equipment are some of our most well-known products. View our online catalog of U.S. Jaclean brand products here.|

Daiwa brand massage chairs are the next big thing in consumer massage technologies. Our chairs are some of the most popular in the nation, sold in retail outlets and offered by businesses at airports and spas nationwide. Our full catalogue of Daiwa chairs can be found at daiwamassage.com.

Daiwa Felicity represents modern massage and wellness products. We regularly introduce new items into our Felicity line, which features consumer-friendly products geared toward those who want fun designs, ease and portability, and a great value.

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