Rodeo Core Front

Effortless fitness

Low Impact Exercise

promise the result

Fun and easy horse riding exercise, 10min. daily exercise works effectively.

no electricity needed

Uses body weight and motion, no electricity required!

low impact and fun

Reshapes the back, waist, stomach, and thighs by engaging core and upper leg muscles.

2-in-1 Back and Forward Motion

Designed with a small footprint and lightweight construction, this ab/core exerciser will easily become your favorite at-home workout routine. The rocking motion makes use of your own momentum, and the seated and hands-free movements work muscles in your abs, thighs, and lower back. 

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No more hard workout!

10 min. Rodeo Core = your daily hard workout

1 hour Running

100 Sit Ups

2 hours Walking

30 min. Plank

Get Back in the Saddle with Rodeo Core

Rodeo is a competitive horseback riding sport that tests the riding and roping skills of cowboys and cowgirls. It has a long history as part of American culture. Rodeo Core engages the same core ab and leg muscles as horseback riding—no rope required!

Our goal is simple, to make things that people care about. We were founded on this principle and we will always be commited to it.

Applicable for Any User

Three height variations to suit individual figures. 

Energy-saving design

Uses body weight and motion, no electricity required! 

Compact and lightweight

It’s easy to carry but stays sturdy. 

Customers Love the Rodeo Core 

Works as advertised. It is a good work out. Took a few tries to isolate the muscles but once there it really squeezes the abs. I wish I could add some more tension to it though.

- Online Reviewer

The first couple weeks I was using my feet to propel the trainer and finally reallized it wasn’t doing mych good. When I started to use my body to move the machine, I could really see the difference. I use the foot stand to “just” rest my feet now. It is great. I have also added some free weights to my workout to get some upper body.

- Online Reviewer

Love this!!! You can definitely feel it working the core. I can only go 5 minutes right now but I’m going to work up stand to “just” rest my feet now. It is great. I have also added some free weights to my workout to get some upper body.

- Online Reviewer

Fun, Easy, and Effective

This compact device quietly works the same muscles as horseback riding, stimulating the heart and blood vessels while toning your abs, glutes and legs. It doesn’t need batteries or electricity, so you can use it anywhere for a great workout. 

8 Step Assembly

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